Thursday, August 9, 2007

About the Storybook

Gilbert is very much like the other geese of his pond. He enjoys swimming, running, playing and flying with his friends. He eats the grass at the lake's edge and enjoys the bread crumbs from the children in the surrounding homes — and especially enjoys visiting with a young boy named Johnny.

One day, Gilbert is in a bad accident. He is hit by a car. Dr. Fowler tells him he can no longer fly. His friends are very kind and helpful to him at first. But in time, they begin playing tricks on him and calling him names, like “Gilbert, the flightless goose.”

Johnny tells Gilbert that the other geese will realize one day that Gilbert is every bit as good as they are, even if he can’t fly.

Gilbert must learn to adapt to his new life. He does more to adapt. Gilbert’s condition ends up saving the community of geese from and making him a hero.

The vivid writing in The Goose Who Could Not Fly is sure to captivate the young and the young-at-heart, and it is beautifully illustrated by watercolor paintings.

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