Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Geese, Trains, Covers, and CBS Sunday Morning

The most recent episode of the popular news magazine show, CBS Sunday Morning, which aired December 19, 2010, seemed to be made with the novel in stories, Tracks, in mind. Tracks is a novel in stories by Flightless Goose author Eric D. Goodman.

The cover story was just that: a story on covers. “Judging Books by Their Covers” was a segment all about the art of book cover design.

“The Designs of Dust Jackets Are as Artful as the Words They Encase,” the segment pointed out. A good cover tells you what kind of book it is - without giving too much away.” It’s an interesting discussion about all that goes into great cover design, covers that scream out to customers, “buy me, buy me!”

“They're part of our visual landscape - easy to take for granted.”

Later in the same program? A story about trains!

“Traveling by train has become a growing and reliable alternative to flying, CBS reported. “In 2007, Amtrak serviced 26 million people, the most in its history.” With more difficult air travel, the popularity of trains seems to be on the rise.

All that was missing from the program was a story to bridge books and trains – a story about Tracks, a novel in stories!

After all, what better way to pass the time on a relaxing train than with a good book? And a book set on a train would certainly fit the mood.

Check out CBS Sunday Morning at their website.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Flightless Goose Author Makes Frankfurt Hot List with TRACKS

This year, when the Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency took a handful of books with them to the Frankfurt Book Fair, prepared to accept offers for translation rights. One of the books on their “Hot List” was TRACKS.

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the most important marketplace for books, media, rights, and licenses worldwide. More than 7,300 exhibitors from 100 countries, 299,000 visitors and over 10,000 journalists.

Here is the announcement attendees at the fair read about the novel in stories:

Eric D. Goodman


Atticus Books (World English – Summer 2011)

A Tarantino-style LOVE ACTUALLY meets literary fiction — the reader journeys by train from Baltimore to Chicago via the perspectives of a diverse array of passengers.

As a result, the novel in stories might be translated into other languages in the near future! In the meantime, look for the English release of TRACKS in Summer 2011.

Put TRACKS on your “hot list” too. Visit for more news on TRACKS as it becomes available.

Learn more about the Frankfurt Book Fair at

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Parents, Educators, Critics, Kids Recommend Flightless Goose

Storybook entertains as it educates

Flightless Goose, a full-color, hardcover storybook for children, is being praised as a “wonderful story,” “filled with many life lessons,” and “a story that every family should have.”

Children, parents, and educators alike are captivated by the “vibrant and detailed” watercolors that “evoke the illustrations from the classic editions of fairy tales and nursery rhymes that many parents will remember from when they were children.” Readers are moved by the “beautiful tale,” that is told “clearly, gently, and sensitively” so it can be “read and understood by a wide range of children.”

As reviewers have pointed out, Flightless Goose is an entertaining and simple story, but the book touches on a number of subjects: bullying and teasing, treating others with dignity and respect, overcoming difficulties, focusing on positive strengths, self-worth, confidence, compassion, dealing with adversity, being a friend, coping with disability, the value of being different, practicing road and automotive safety, tolerance, diversity, and more. Children understand, without feeling as though they’ve been taught, that everyone is different and everyone can make a difference.

A number of reviewers, mothers, and educators have endorsed Flightless Goose as a great holiday gift for any child, especially those between 2-8 years old. It’s a great way to open a discussion on a number of important topics.

But don’t take our word for it; check out what What critics, the media, educators, parents, and children are saying about Flightless Goose …

"... Flightless Goose is appropriately simple without being simplistic, and its lessons -- that challenges can be overcome, that being different doesn’t mean being less of a person, and that everyone has something they are good at -- are important ones … The story is told in a way that is likely to be appealing and exciting to younger children without being condescending to older ones.”

-- The Potomac

“Wonderful story … a job well done.”

-- Gregory B. Gallagher, Sesame Street writer and Executive producer of Ambassadors of the Environment

Flightless Goose is a beautiful tale along the lines of the old favourite The Ugly Duckling. The illustrations by Eric's wife, Nataliya, are classically done and remind me of Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist. This book will be one my own children will cherish and it will be passed down for many generations."

-- YA author Kristin Groulx (The Ghost of Colby Drive/mis-adventures of Alyson Bell series)

“Brave goose lives on in colorful children’s book. … delightful story. Your children can be entertained as they learn lessons about overcoming challenges, accepting different people and focusing on positive strengths.”

-- Towson Times

“‘Grounded Goose’ walks away a winner.”

-- Baltimore Examiner

“Sweet tale for children to remind them unkind words hurt, teasing is wrong, and being different can be special and wonderful in many ways.”

--Mom Bloggers Club

Flightless Goose tells its story clearly, gently, and sensitively. This story can be read to and understood by a wide range of children. It is wonderfully full of enough details to let the reader and readee become linked with the characters without being cluttered. The heroes of the story are believable and act appropriately to the story line — believable.”

-- Amazon Review

“Kid’s Pick! A wise tale about a goose that becomes unable to fly and must learn to cope with the challenges of being different.”

--Abilities Magazine

“The word disability is not mentioned in the text, but the story deals with disabling conditions and teaches about overcoming challenges, focusing on positive strengths, and treating others with respect and dignity. In the end, the flightless goose develops a talent no other goose has, which helps him save the day.”

-- Hearing Review

“Flightless Goose teaches important lessons to children about automotive safety [and] being watchful of play areas ...”

-- Automotive Industries Magazine

“… watercolors … are vibrant and detailed … and evoke the illustrations from the classic editions of fairy tales and nursery rhymes that many parents will remember from when they were children. The word choice and presentation will encourage younger readers to expand their vocabularies without missing the key meanings, and will also satisfy older and more skilled readers.”

-- The Potomac

“Gilbert, the "Flightless Goose," lives on, thanks to a Rodgers Forge couple who have immortalized him in a full-color, hardcover children's book. Gilbert has lessons to teach.”

-- Towson Times

“Warm and wonderful fable … Don’t duck this goose!”

-- GottaWrite Girl: Adventures in Children’s Literature

“As a fourth grade teacher I would have loved to have used this book in my classroom for a lesson in compassion, friendship, being unique and tolerance. Flightless Goose is a great story filled with many life lessons.”

--Mama’s Little Chick

Flightless Goose teaches children/grandchildren important lessons. Without being obvious, not even mentioning the word "disability" in the text, the book is very much about dealing with disabling conditions. “

-- Senior Beacon

“Besides being a fun book that children enjoy, Flightless Goose is a classic story with vivid illustrations, and an aim to make the world a better place one kid at a time by teaching them to be kind to one another, to accept people as they are, and to treat all people (and geese) with dignity and respect. If you’re looking for a book to give to a child in your life, Flightless Goose is one the child will enjoy, and learn from.”

-- Diversity Rules

“Flightless Goose is a story that every family should have. This story touched me in so many ways. I cannot tell you how many kids ask questions about [my son] being in a wheelchair. Teach them to reach out to a kid who is a little different. You’d be amazed at how much you will learn and be changed for the better. This is a book that every family should have and should read often.”

--A Review and a Giveaway

“Children all over America will identify with Gilbert the flightless goose as he learns very important lessons about friendship, being different and taking an adversity and turning it into a triumph! This is a great story to read to your children to teach them about self worth, tolerance and camaraderie. This book would also fit well with any anti-bullying program for young kids. Flightless Goose would make a great donation to your child's school library and to your local public library.”

--Intentional Conscientious Parenting

Flightless Goose is a wonderful story that brings empathy from children, teaches children about tolerance, and brings out conversation about friendship, teasing and bullying. For parents, educators and grandparents Flightless Goose is a great tool for starting the conversation about bullying, and it is a great way to encourage young children to accept each other despite of and because of their differences. Flightless Goose is a timeless story that could have been written 30 years ago or ten years from now, and it is a story that will be relevant to children everywhere in the world.”

-- Story Time Under The Stars

“I used this book to support my lessons in grades one and two. My students loved Gilbert. [They] were able to ask questions, make comments, and we were able have a discussion. It was a wonderful story that really brought home the message of tolerance and friendship. Flightless Goose was a huge success!”

--Tidbits From A Mom

“Nicely illustrated tale about a goose who is different from the other geese and is teased for his differences. The tale … shows how the goose learns to accept his differences and embrace his new abilities. He learns that although he is different from his friends, he is just as important as they and comes to embrace his own self-worth. It’s never too early to teach our kids that being different is alright, no matter what that difference may be. I highly recommend it for young readers.”

--The Yin & Yang of Motherhood

“This book addresses how we should embrace diversity, and it is a great way to introduce your child to the idea that being different is not a bad thing, and that everyone has unique strengths. I read the book to my son, who is 4. The fact that he asked questions showed that he was engaged in the story and was actually getting something out of it. This book … is an opportunity to address being careful when being close to the road, what disabilities are, and being wary of strangers.”

--At Home Moma

“[Flightless Goose is] such a special treat. The story itself is captivating, fun and educational making this book a children’s must read. I read the story to my 6 year old niece Juju, and she loved it. She clearly got the message that no matter what happens you can work hard in learning to be good at something. She was able to follow each word in the book … in an artistic font, which caused her to focus not only on the pictures but on the words. I recommend this book to every child. The lessons taught are valuable.”

--Mom’s Tree House

"What a beautiful book! I also read the book to my daughter, who will be turning seven shortly. Not surprisingly, she loved Flightless Goose. I highly recommend this book! It shares such an important message!”

--Dearheart Designs

“Flightless Goose is an adorable book … a classic. The illustrations … have a calming artsy feel. A great starting point for some discussions with kids about bullying. Also a great lesson for our kids that we all have different strengths and no one does everything the best, but that we all have great value for what we are the best at.”

--Oh Boy Books: Helping Parents Find the Perfect Books To Encourage Their Kids’ Love of Reading

“Lovely illustrations for all you Goose lovers who adore great illustrations!”

-- Goosebreeder

“My kids were excited. They worried about Gilbert facing the winter alone. They asked about Gilbert's friend Johnny who is in a wheelchair and were excited when Gilbert and Johnny were able to save the geese. The moral of the story is you can overcome any challenge and just because you are different doesn't mean that there isn't something you are good at and you are as good as anyone else.”

--Maria’s Space

“There are so many lessons to be learned in this story. Lessons about friendship, change, acceptance ... and just appreciating what makes you ... YOU. My youngest absolutely adored this book and insisted on sharing it with his best friend. Flightless Goose would make a wonderful addition to your child's personal library or an even greater donation to your child's school library.”

--Three Boys and an Old Lady

“I loved this story! The book is a great reminder to make the best of every situation. It shares a valuable lesson that being different and unique from others makes us special and great. Along with the story were some wonderful illustrations that made me smile. The illustrations capture the essence of the story along with the childlike mindset. I recommend this book for children ages 2-8.”

--A Cozy Reader’s Corner Review

“Delightful and beautifully illustrated. This is a must have for your child’s home library. Flightless Goose is a tale of tolerance, friendship and embracing the qualities that make one unique instead of being ashamed of them. This book is a truly unique find. I don’t recall ever having read another children’s book that not only teaches tolerance, respect and emphasizes the joys of being unique - it also features a main character who is in a wheelchair. This book can also generate an important dialogue with your kids about crucial topics like being safe around the street and automobile safety. It also can spark conversations about tolerance, the ability to do what you want if you work hard enough, treating everyone with respect and many other valuable lessons.”

--Dixie Diva

“A great book about friendship … that teaches kids that everyone is different and it is not nice to make of others. Your child will love this book.”

--Moving Mommy’s Blog

“This book is a wonderfully illustrated tale of overcoming adversity and building friendships … with amazing drawings and life lessons that any child reading it would benefit from. Lessons about friendship, acceptance ... and just appreciating what makes a person and/or goose unique. I highly recommend this fantastic illustrated children's book.”

--The Queen of Swag

“I was impressed … very cute story. The illustrations are beautiful! I was very pleased with how they helped emphasize the story! I give this book a 5/5 for anyone with younger children (or older ones you want to impress with a lesson on). It would make a great gift!”

--A Little Sanity

“This book is a story about friendship, tolerance and self worth. It is a story about being different and wanting to belong. Beautiful watercolor illustrations!”

--Beach Party of Five

“Flightless Goose addresses issues of acceptance and respect for everyone. Its message is touching but, more importantly for us, it’s a good story. I encourage you to give this book a try.”

--A Bunch of Weird

“This meaningful story teaches tolerance along with coping with adversity.”

--Frugal Plus

“When I first read through Flightless Goose with my preschooler, I found my 6th grader inching closer and closer. This delightful tale that reminds us all, regardless of age, that unkind words hurt, teasing is wrong, and those who are different are special and wonderful in many ways.”

--Is There a Bathroom on this Ship?

“Children who are familiar with the song Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer will recognize its thematic connection to the Goodman's picture book Flightless Goose. Although the book's text is silent about Johnny's physical status, Nataliya Goodman's illustrations show that Johnny is in a wheelchair, a reality which adds additional meaning.”

--CM: Canadian Review of Materials

Featured in the Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun, JMWW, Eight-Stone Press Baltimore Shopping Guide 2009, Rodgers Forge Newsletter, author Bathsheba Monk’s website, and on blogs, and websites around the world.

Flightless Goose is available in bookstores, at, at the publisher’s interactive website for children ( and at the original website.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Goose Author's Novel Debut in Publishers Lunch

When an agent sells a book to a publisher, they usually place an announcement in Publishers Lunch, the industry newsletter published by Publisher’s Marketplace. Tracks, a novel in stories by Flightless Goose author Eric D. Goodman, is no exception.

Below is the announcement of Tracks, that the Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency, Inc. recently placed in Publishers Lunch.

Fiction: Debut

Eric D. Goodman's TRACKS,
in which the reader journeys by train from Baltimore to Chicago via the perspectives of a diverse array of characters, to Dan Cafaro at Atticus Books, by Doris Michaels at DSM Agency (World English).

Subscribe to Publishers Lunch at their page.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Goose for Thanksgiving?

Is Goose on the menu for your Thanksgiving activities? It should be!

Gilbert encourages parents to read Flightless Goose to their kids this Thanksgiving. But Gilbert offers so much more than great entertainment, a fun story, and lessons about self-worth, bullying, tolerance, being different, and focusing on positive strengths.

Gilbert wants you to enjoy Flightless Goose so much that he’s throwing in two free gifts for any orders: a coloring set, and an audio read-a-long CD with music and special effects to make reading the book even more exciting.

Also, Gilbert loves to play and he invites you to his new website,, where you can interact with him, watch animation, listen to music and sound effects, and share your own favorite activities with Gilbert.

There are a number of ways to get your goose in time for Thanksgiving.

Visit a local book store. If they don’t have it on the shelves, they should—ask for it by name!

Go to where you can take advantage of free super saver shipping if you order two copies (or pair it with another). You can also read customer reviews, or leave one of your own once you’ve read the book.

Visit the official website at There, you can read about the book, see some sample illustrations, and find out what reviewers have had to say about the book. You can order the book directly from the website and receive an inscribed, autographed copy postage-free! We’ll even include a free gift: your choice of a DVD or CD read-a-long.

Visit the blog,, where you can learn about readings, events, and news surrounding Flightless Goose.

Or explore the new interactive website that kids love best,, where you can play games, watch animations, listen to music, answer questions, print page to color, and order the book. When you order through the new website, the publisher will offer two free gifts: a Crayola coloring set and an audio CD read-a-long.

So this Thanksgiving Day, eat your turkey, but read your goose!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fun New Website for Kids and Readers

Hey Kids! (And Adults who like to have fun online.) Gilbert the Flightless Goose wants to play — and he has a fun new website where you can join him!

The new Flightless Goose website at is a great, interactive site that gets visitors involved. Fun, colorful, and animated, the site pulls kids in with the use of music, sound effects, games, storytelling, and animation.

After a few interactive pages introducing the character of Gilbert to children, the website asks you to pick your own favorite activities. You can leave comments, print out pictures from the book to color, or try to draw the characters from the book yourself.

Then, you’re given an opportunity to answer a key question about the book. Weather you know the answer or not, you’ll have fun selecting different options and listening to the sound effects.

Finally, there’s a special offer for parents: two free gifts with the purchase of Flightless Goose for a limited time — between now and the end of the holiday season, or while supplies last. One of the gifts is a free audio CD of the book with sound effects and music that make the already lively book even more exciting!

Check out the new Flightless Goose website now. Gilbert’s waiting for you.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Agent Finds Publisher for TRACKS

Exciting news on the fiction front: TRACKS, a novel in stories, is being published by Atticus Books in Summer 2011.

Yes, TRACKS has a publisher!

Persistence pays. It’s been about six years since Flightless Goose author Eric D. Goodman wrote the first draft of TRACKS. Three years since it was a semi-finalist and the most-widely read entry in the First Chapters Writing Competition sponsored by Gather, Borders, and Simon & Schuster. About a year since TRACKS picked up an agent in New York City. Now, after riding the rails for years, TRACKS hits bookstores in Summer 2011.

Nearly half the stories have been published in journals and magazines, and thousands read excerpts during the contest—so many readers have had a taste of TRACKS. Next year, it will be available in its entirety.

Come back aboard for updates as they become available! And thanks to the many readers who have remained along sometimes treacherous lines of track.

Learn more at the Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency website.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Goose Author Celebrates Lit, Art, and Music

Lovers of literature, art, music, and wine won’t want to miss Lit & Art at the Watermark on Sunday, October 24. The celebration begins at 2 p.m., and features artists, and authors from around the world.

Novelist Bathsheba Monk will read from her fiction. She has been described by Tim O’Brien as “a writer I'll be talking about when I talk about brilliant new writers.” Bathsheba is best known for her collection of stories, Now You See It … Stories from Cokesville, PA. Her novel, Nude Walker, is being published by FSG in Spring 2011.

Persian artist and musician Bahman Panahi will give a performance and talk about his work. Originally from Iran, Bahman has performed many concerts, exhibitions, courses and workshops in Iran, UK, Syria, India, Netherlands, Maldives, Tunisia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Belgium, Morocco and France. He recently performed a tar and setar concert at the Freer Gallery in DC and he will be performing at Harvard University in November.

Joining Bathsheba Monk and Bahman Panahi will be artist Manzar (of the Watermark Gallery), and authors Charles Jensen (most recent Director of The Writers’ Center), Katherine Cottle (author of My Father’s Speech), and Eric D. Goodman (author of Flightless Goose and Tracks, a novel in stories).

Music will be provided by the Lit & Art house band, Red Tractor Factory. Wine and refreshments will be served during intermissions. The event is free and open to the public.

The event takes place from 2 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, October 24 at The Watermark Gallery, located in the Bank of America Center Skywalk Level, right across from the Inner Harbor, at 100 S. Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland. The phone number is (410) 547-0452.

Started in October 2007, the Lit and Art series provides a unique opportunity to sample a wide variety of artistic sensibilities in one sitting. The events are free and open to the public. An open mic section allows audience members to share their own work.

Come experience what has been called “the best excuse to get lit in Baltimore on a Sunday afternoon.” Visit the Watermark Gallery online at .

Monday, October 18, 2010

Goose Returns to Catonsville Author Reception

After last year's success, Flightless Goose is returning to the 5th Annual Author Reception to benefit the Catonsville Library!

Mingle with fellow book-lovers in the library stacks; engage in conversation with local authors; sip on wine varietals; savor gourmet cheeses and desserts; listen to classical guitarist Bob Margolis. It’s all happening at the 5th Annual Wine & Cheese Author Reception to benefit the Catonsville Library. The Friends of the Catonsville Library will host “Words & Wine” on Friday, October 22, 2010, from 7-9 p.m. at the Catonsville Library, 1100 Frederick Road, Catonsville, Maryland 21228. Tickets are $25 and available at the Catonsville Library or at the door. This year’s proceeds will be used to conserve historic documents in the Catonsville Room, and also to support Catonsville High School’s literary magazine, Ellipsis.

More than 15 authors from the area will share their work and have books available for sale and signing. Authors include: Steve Luxenberg, Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post journalist, author of Annie’s Ghost; Michael Collier, former Poet Laureate for Maryland; Rafael Alvarez, Jane Byers, Maud Casey, Louis Diggs, Kate Dolan, Dan Fesperman, Tom Flynn, Eric and Nataliya Goodman, Antero Pietila, John Rowell, Deborah Rudacille, David Shackelford, Suzanne Supplee, Joe Swope, Meg Tipper, Laura Wexler, Marsha Wight Wise.

In Luxenberg’s much-lauded Annie’s Ghost, the author explores the discovery that his mother, who claimed to be an only child, had a sister in an asylum. Topics other authors have tackled include a journey into the land of grief following the sudden death of a daughter; a teenager’s quest to follow her Nashville dream to become a singer; suspenseful tales of intrigue set in some of the world’s most volatile locales, to name a few.

In keeping with Catonsville’s Bicentennial Celebration, some writers’ works reflect the area’s storied past. Sponsors include The Wine Bin, SugarBakers Cakes, Sweet a Bakery & Café and Wegman’s.

Since 1962, the Friends’ mission has been to support and enhance the Catonsville library,
including maintaining and promoting the Catonsville Historical Room. The Friends of the Catonsville Library is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; donations are tax-deductible.

Learn more at

For a recap of last year’s event, visit

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Flightless Goose author Eric D. Goodman now has a literary agent representing his fiction.

As many writers know, it’s difficult in today’s market to find an agent excited enough about a book or writer to take on representation. After years of knocking on doors and running into brick walls, Goodman has an agent!

Tracks, a novel in stories, is now represented by the Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency, Inc.

With Doris and her creative team on board, this train is building momentum.

Learn more about the Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency at Publisher’s Marketplace.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Flightless Goose Author Featured at Baltimore Book Fest

This weekend is the 15th edition of the Mid-Atlantic’s biggest literary event: the Baltimore Book Festival. Three days of readings, music, readings, food, literary panels and discussions, and readings. The festivities begin on Friday, September 24 and continue through Sunday, September 25.

The regular Lit & Art Reading Series travels north from its usual meeting place at the Watermark Gallery for a second annual event at the Baltimore Book Festival. This year’s Lit & Art at the BBF is hosted by the CityLit Tent. It takes place from at 2 p.m. this Sunday, September 26.

Readers include Lauren Beth Eisenberg, B. Morrison, Fernando Quijano III, and Eric D. Goodman. The Watermark Gallery’s Manzar will display her original art and give a performance. Live music is provided by the Lit & Art house band, Red Tractor Factory.

The Baltimore Book Festival offers something for everyone. Whether you want to meet Jessie Ventura or learn about Wes Moore One and Wes Moore Two, this is the place to be this weekend.

Learn more about the Baltimore Book Festival at their website.

Learn more about Lit & Art at the Baltimore Book Festival at the same website.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ox-Bow's New Writer-in-Residence

Flightless Goose Author Eric D. Goodman has been selected as a writer-in-residence for Ox-Bow!

Affiliated with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Ox-Bow is located along the shores of Lake Michigan and offers 115 acres of inspirational space: pristine natural forests, dunes, a lagoon, and historic buildings.

Writers at this artists’ colony are provided with a small apartment, private studio with inspirational view, three meals a day and snacks around the clock all from local farms, an opportunity to meet other artists from around the world, and (most importantly) uninterrupted time to write. Ox-Bow’s residency program is about immersion, commitment, freedom, and focus.

Founded in 1910, Ox-Bow is celebrating 100 years as a haven for visual artists, writers, and thinkers.

Learn more by visiting their online campus at

And check this link for more about the writing residency.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Goose Featured on Ideas in Writing TV Show

If you’re starting to wish schools was back in session, here’s a television program you won’t want to miss! The first episode of Ideas in Writing: Kids Club!

The episode features a group of children who love to read. In episode one, the kids interview songwriter and country music star Phil Vassar, authors Jeff Smith and Tim Egan, and the author of Flightless Goose, Eric D. Goodman.

You can enjoy the entire program at the link below. Or, if you’d like to fly right to the Flightless Goose segment, you can fast forward to about two-thirds into the program.

Enjoy Ideas in Writing: Kids Club at the link below.

Friday, July 16, 2010

NPR Podcast of Goose Authors's Fiction

Last Friday Flightless Goose author Eric D. Goodman read an abridgement of his story, “One Last Hit,” on Baltimore’s NPR station, WYPR. The serialized excerpt from TRACKS aired on The Signal, on the air and online at noon and 7. TRACKS is a novel in stories that takes place on a train traveling from Baltimore to Chicago.

Miss the broadcast? Listen to the podcast at the link below!

“One Last Hit” was originally published in the Freshly Squeezed anthology published by Loyola’s Apprentice House. It follows a hit man as he prepares to carry out his last job and contemplates how he got into the unscrupulous business to begin with.

Be sure to hit this lit! The reading is about 22 minutes into the podcast at the link below.