Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Flightless Goose Author Returns to NPR

Flightless Goose Author Returns to NPR

A couple weeks back, Flightless Goose author Eric D. Goodman read from his novel in stories on Baltimore’s National Public Radio station. This was his third time reading his fiction on NPR. He read “The Silences” on WYPR’s The Signal.

The Signal is broadcast on 88.1 FM to about 20,000 listeners in the Baltimore-DC area. It airs at 12 noon and again at 7 p.m. and offers a tour of Baltimore's cultural landscape.

"The Silences" is a story from TRACKS, a novel in stories which takes place on a train traveling from Baltimore to Chicago. In the story, a young woman traveling with the love of her life imagines a grim future together, and she longs for him to prove her wrong.

Miss the broadcast or want to hear it again? Here’s the official podcast of the reading, music, train sound effects and all.

Enjoy “The Silences!”

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Goose Goes To School

It looks like the Towson Times was right when they wrote that Flightless Goose “has lessons to teach.” Flightless Goose proved it last week with a day full of lessons for elementary school kids.

That’s because Gilbert was invited for a full-day of readings, lessons, and discussions about the book, Flightless Goose, at Meadow Hall Elementary School in Montgomery County.

Author Eric D. Goodman and Illustrator Natailya A. Goodman arrived to find their names in lights on the marquee in front of the school, a prime parking spot reserved for them, and a warm welcome from the principal, secretary, reading specialist, and teachers. Then, they got to work – having fun and sharing their book and message.

Flightless Goose was presented to each grade (K-5) followed by age-appropriate discussions, lessons, and activities. They talked about such lessons from the book as treating others with respect and dignity, not making fun of others, everyone having potential regardless of differences, and not playing near roads. With older kids, we also discussed what it was like to be an author and artist.

The children were enthusiastic, attentive, and really latched onto the book and the messages. They were mesmerized by the pictures and fervently talked about the book and what they liked about it and learned from it.

The adults seemed excited about the event too. Here’s what the principal had to say to his “shout out” on the Principal’s Page newsletter after the event: “We are very pleased and excited about the opportunity MHES had to meet and work with Mr. Eric D. Goodman and Mrs. Nataliya A. Goodman, author and illustrator of the Flightless Goose. Throughout the day, all students attended workshops that gave them the chance to read, write, illustrate, and reflect on what it means to be a good writer. Thank you to Mrs. Moser for arranging this wonderful day for our students.”

In their newsletter, the Meadow Hall PTA described the event as “extremely exciting” They went on to say, “There is no better way to get the kids excited about reading and writing than to hear from the author directly.”

Although the Goodmans and the goose have done readings and events before, such as the Festival of Trees, this was their first day-long, in-school event. After an exhilarating day, they're ready for the next one.

Learn more about the school event by visiting the brochure Meadow Hall’s reading specialist, Marlene Moser, put together.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goose Dons New Pajamas

“Have you ever seen a goose in pajamas?” asks Writer’s Lair Books, the publisher of Flightless Goose. Well, you just might when you join Gilbert the Flightless Goose in his fundraising effort for The Pajama Program, a non-profit organization that provides nurturing books and warm sleepwear to children in need.

The Pajama Program has appeared on Oprah and has been praised by NYC Mayor Bloomberg, Parenting Magazine and many other trusted sources.

For every copy of Flightless Goose purchased, one dollar will be donated to The Pajama Project.

Learn more about the Pajama Program partnership with Flightless Goose at the publisher’s website.

Or jump right into the online pond below.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Goose Author Shares Romantic Silence

This Friday may be the 13th, but it also happens to be the day before Valentine’s Day. So the producers of The Signal on National Public Radio’s WYPR in Baltimore have a treat in store for listeners with an ear for quiet romance.

Flightless Goose author Eric D. Goodman will return to The Signal to read from his fiction. And with Valentine’s Day in mind (more so than Friday the 13th), he picked out a love story.

The Silences” is a story from TRACKS, Eric's novel in stories which takes place on a train traveling from Baltimore to Chicago. In the story, a young woman traveling with the love of her life imagines different futures together.

The Signal is broadcast to about 20,000 listeners in the Baltimore-DC area. It airs at 12 noon and again at 7 p.m. and offers a tour of Baltimore’s cultural landscape. Tune into 88.1 FM.

Can’t pick it up, or doesn’t fit your schedule. No worries — you can also listen to it live or in podcast form at the WYPR’s website ( or The Signal’s site (

Once you’ve listened to the abridged version, read the entire story as it was originally published in Slow Trains. You can visit the online literary journal at the link below.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Literary Journal Recommends Flightless Goose

One of Baltimore’s most popular literary journals, JMWW, recommended Flightless Goose in their most recent issue.

Under the News heading in the right column of the front page, JMWW features the author's photo and a link to

“Eric D. Goodman’s The Flightless Goose is now available from Writers Lair Books,” the message informs.

Enjoy the latest issue of JMWW now at the link below. While you’re there, peruse the selection of poetry, fiction, art and photography. You’ll even find some reviews — including a review of New Lines from the Old Line State: An Anthology of Maryland Writers, which opens with a story from Eric.