Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Goose Featured in Writers Weekly

Once again, Flightless Goose author Eric D. Goodman's work has been published in Writers Weekly — the world’s most popular writing eZine. In fact, Writers Weekly has more subscribers than any other freelance-writing eZine in history.

The latest issue features his article, “Go Back to School to Sell Your Story.”

In the article, he gives tips on an innovative way writers can bring attention to their work. If you have a published book that has lessons to teach to children, then contact local schools to see if you can visit and present your book (and the lessons taught within) to the students.

It’s a great way to bring your work to a new audience in a positive way — and to build what can become your fan base of tomorrow.

To read the feature article about how Eric and illustrator Nataliya A. Goodman went about promoting Flightless Goose at a local school, see the latest issue of Writers Weekly. You can find it at the link below.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where in the World are the Goodmans and the Goose?

This year, the Goodmans and the Goose have beat Matt Lauer to the punch with their own installment of Where in the World!

Eric and Nataliya Goodman are just back from a lovely week in London, and Flightless Goose went along for the ride. That’s right — the Goose has gone global!

Hocking the book to international audiences was fun, but just as exciting to the Goodmans were some of the amazing sights London: The overwhelming British Museum, the beautiful National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery. We enjoyed the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and took a look at the Queen’s Gallery. The Victoria and Albert Museum was amazing.

They toured Windsor Castle, Apsley House, the Wallace Collection, Sir John Soan House, Kensignton Palace and even took high tea at The Orangery on the Kensington grounds.

Of course they saw Big Ben and Parliament, Westminster Abby and St. Paul’s Cathedral, Wellington Arch, the Jewel Tower, and spent several hours with the Beefeaters in Tower of London.

And how could a writer not visit the British Library with handwritten notes and manuscripts of Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Jane Austin, Handle, Beethoven, and even The Beatles? Not to mention 221 Baker Street.

They enjoyed a ride through the Cotswolds, dined in an old pub in Andover, saw the giant chalk horse in the mountains, and strolled around Stonehenge.

Of all these marvels, some of the most enjoyable times were those spent on streets with locals, relaxing on leather couches in English pubs, and cruising along the Thames as the sights passed us by.

It has all passed by, but the memories of London will linger. Perhaps long enough to form a travel story …

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Goose Has Arrived

For some time, the most common question about Flightless Goose was this: when will the books be arriving?

That’s because Flightless Goose was temporarily out of stock. And due to a series of mishaps with the printer, there was little the author, artist, or the publishers could do to get it back in stock any faster.

Friends, buyers, and members of the press who had asked for review copies were all cornering the Goodmans and the pubisher with constant questions, each one the same: when can we get our copy of the book?

We're relieved to report that the answer is NOW! At last, Flightless Goose is in stock, available at www.RunGoose.com, www.Amazon.com, and at other book sellers — both online and at brick and mortar stores across the nation.

But they’re going fast! So get your copy before they fly off the shelf!

Just go to www.RunGoose.com for your copy of Flightless Goose!