Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Goose Has Arrived

For some time, the most common question about Flightless Goose was this: when will the books be arriving?

That’s because Flightless Goose was temporarily out of stock. And due to a series of mishaps with the printer, there was little the author, artist, or the publishers could do to get it back in stock any faster.

Friends, buyers, and members of the press who had asked for review copies were all cornering the Goodmans and the pubisher with constant questions, each one the same: when can we get our copy of the book?

We're relieved to report that the answer is NOW! At last, Flightless Goose is in stock, available at,, and at other book sellers — both online and at brick and mortar stores across the nation.

But they’re going fast! So get your copy before they fly off the shelf!

Just go to for your copy of Flightless Goose!

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