Monday, November 1, 2010

Agent Finds Publisher for TRACKS

Exciting news on the fiction front: TRACKS, a novel in stories, is being published by Atticus Books in Summer 2011.

Yes, TRACKS has a publisher!

Persistence pays. It’s been about six years since Flightless Goose author Eric D. Goodman wrote the first draft of TRACKS. Three years since it was a semi-finalist and the most-widely read entry in the First Chapters Writing Competition sponsored by Gather, Borders, and Simon & Schuster. About a year since TRACKS picked up an agent in New York City. Now, after riding the rails for years, TRACKS hits bookstores in Summer 2011.

Nearly half the stories have been published in journals and magazines, and thousands read excerpts during the contest—so many readers have had a taste of TRACKS. Next year, it will be available in its entirety.

Come back aboard for updates as they become available! And thanks to the many readers who have remained along sometimes treacherous lines of track.

Learn more at the Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency website.

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