Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Flightles Goose Goes to 30 Rock

The Flightless Goose is flying high … figuratively speaking.

Watch The Today Show on NBC early next week and keep an eye out for the goose!

To promote their childrens’ book, The Flightless Goose, author Eric D. Goodman and illustrator Nataliya A. Goodman are attempting to get onto The Today Show—America’s number one morning show. They will go to Rockefeller Plaza during the taping of the show with a handmade poster board announcing the publication of The Flightless Goose and launching the brand-new website.

The Goodmans will be in New York City all next week and hope to score a few seconds of air time for The Flightless Goose on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

So stay tuned to the tube and watch for geese! And stay tuned to the online pond at the link below.

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