Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Quick! Visit RunGoose.com!

If you thought Eric and Nataliya Goodman's former neighbor Michael Phelps was quick as he racked up Olympic Gold, you’ll be blown away by the Flightless Goose. If you blink, you may miss him. So hurry and check him out at www.RunGoose.com!

Flightless Goose is a new childrens’ book being published this fall by Writers’ Lair Books. Eric D. Goodman wrote the book and his wife Nataliya A. Goodman painted the illustrations.

The website is live and the online pond is open for your enjoyment. Jump right in at www.RunGoose.com.

Or, take a gander at the publisher’s page devoted to Flightless Goose at www.writerslairbooks.com/goodman1.html!

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