Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Flightless Goose Author Published in JMWW

Flightless Goose author Eric D. Goodman has been published in JMWW.

His story,“Futures,” is from TRACKS, his novel in stories.

JMWW is a popular literary journal based in Baltimore. Although it has a Baltimore flavor, the quarterly online journal publishes fiction, poetry, non-fiction and reviews from around the world. Once a year, it selects the best items of the year to include in a print anthology.

“The writing hooks you from the fist paragraph,” says the Baltimore City Paper of JMWW. “A hybrid of poetry and prose, of cold-blooded talent pigtailed with aspiring word artists, JMWW has a cough-syrup twang that keeps you reading. Something addictive about it provokes the dormant writer within.”

“Futures,” is an excerpt from TRACKS, a novel in stories that takes place on a train traveling from Baltimore to Chicago. The story offers readers attention to place, romance, breakup, transition, heartache (in the most literal sense) and hope.

Other authors included in this print anthology are Rafael Alvarez, Nathan Leslie and Christian Bell. Authors featured in other JMWW issues include Jessica Anya Blau, William Duell, Pete Pazmino, Justin Sirois, Joseph Young and Savannah Schroll Guz.

Learn more about the JMWW anthology at the following link, where you can even order your own copy!


See the latest issue of the online journal here.


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