Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Goose Gets Glowing Review in The Potomac

Flightless Goose got a glowing review in the most recent issue of The Potomac.

The Potomac is a popular literary journal of “poetry and politics” that regularly features short fiction and book reviews. The summer 2009 issue features a positive review from YA author Paul Lagasse.

The review says, “… Flightless Goose is appropriately simple without being simplistic, and its lessons -- that challenges can be overcome, that being different doesn’t mean being less of a person, and that everyone has something they are good at -- are important ones for the intended audience of children 4 to 8 years old. The story is told in a way that is likely to be appealing and exciting to younger children without being condescending to older ones.”

Paul Lagasse and The Potomac have good things to say about Nataliya’s artwork …

“Natalya's watercolors of the lightly anthropomorphized geese (they play ball, skip rope, and wear clothes and shoes) are vibrant and detailed, and her style evokes the illustrations from the classic editions of fairy tales and nursery rhymes that many parents will remember from when they were children.”

… and Eric's writing …

“Eric’s words are well-chosen and presented in a friendly font that frequently undulates and trickles in time with the ups and downs of the story. The word choice and presentation will encourage younger readers to expand their vocabularies without missing the key meanings, and will also satisfy older and more skilled readers.”

See the full review in the current issue of The Potomac at the link below.


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