Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jamie Keenan to Design Cover for Tracks

Exciting news along the Tracks. Atticus Books has hired Jamie Keenan to design the cover for Tracks, a novel in stories by the author of Flightless Goose!

The London-based book jacket designer knows his trade: he’s even packed auditoriums with his “Twenty Immutable Theories of Cover Design” lesson.

If you look at book covers, it’s likely you’ve seen his work. Here are some of the authors he’s designed covers for:

F. Scott Fitzgerald
Stephen King
H.G. Wells
George Orwell
Junot Diaz
David Foster Wallace
Philip K Dick
Anthony Burgess
Tennessee Williams
Jean-Paul Sarte
Rudyard Kipling
Garrison Kellior
Nick Hornby
A.M. Homes

Learn more about Jamie Keenan and see some of his favorite cover designs at his www.keenandesign.com/website

Visit the blog of my fellow Atticus author, JM Tohline, for more of Jamie’s cover examples.

And here are some Jamie Keenan Google Images.

So … maybe you can judge a book by it’s cover?

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