Monday, November 3, 2008

GottaWriteGirl Interviews GottaReadGoose!

As Flightless Goose, runs into bookstores across the nation, Gilbert the Flightless Goose is getting a lot of publicity!

Today, GottaWriteGirl features an interview with the author of Flightless Goose called "Don’t Duck This Goose," at her popular blog with a focus on childrens’ literature: GottaWriteGirl: Adventures in Children’s Literature.

About a month ago, GottaWriteGirl interviewed the esteemed, Newberry-winning Katherine Paterson, author of Bridge to Terabithia and Jacob Have I Loved.

Check out both interviews at For my interview, you can even participate in a discussion at the end of the post. (Ask me here or ask me there – I’m happy to respond to any questions about the book, the long road to publication, or anything else related to writing and childrens’ literature.

Hope to see you there!

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