Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Get Your Goose Now!

On November 1, Writers’ Lair Books will officially release Flightless Goose as a full-color hardcover. The book is available now at www.RunGoose.com.

Flightless Goose is written by Eric D. Goodman and illustrated by Nataliya A. Goodman.

In the book, the flightless goose must learn to tolerate teasing and the challenges of being different. He is even left behind as the geese fly south for the winter. In the end, the flightless goose develops a talent no other goose has, and that helps him save the day.

The publisher has announced that all pre-orders placed before November 1 will receive a 10 percent discount, and the copies will be autographed by both the author and the artist.

For every book purchased, one dollar will be donated to The Pajama Project to help provide warm pajamas and nurturing books to underprivileged children.

Flightless Goose will be available in book stores and at Amazon.com, but to get the discount and help the Pajama Project, order now at http://www.writerslairbooks.com/goodman1.html.

Visit www.RunGoose.com to learn more about Flightless Goose.

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