Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Auto Industry On Board With Goose

The U.S, automotive industry may be going through a rough time right now, but they've given Flightless Goose a lift.

Automotive Industries Magazine is the world's oldest magazine to cover the automotive industry. In the most recent issue of the print and online versions of the magazine, they've confirmed that Flightless Goose is a hit.

Automotive Industries Magazine's article focuses on the book's subtle lessons on road safety. In Flightless Goose, the main character, Gilbert, falls into the street and is hit by a moving car. The auto accident renders him unable to fly. The life-altering accident could have been prevented had Gilbert been more careful when playing near the road, or had the driver been more cautious when driving near a residential and play area.

The article stated, "Flightless Goose teaches important lessons to children about automotive safety, being watchful of play areas, how to deal with accidents and disabilities when they happen, how to focus on positive strengths, and how to treat others with dignity and respect, despite how different they may be."

As Towson Times recently noted, "Gilbert has lessons to teach." Not only lessons about how to focus on positive strengths and how to cope with difficulties, but even lessons about road safety.
Take a look at the story, "Flightless Goose Teaches Lesson About Safety" in the last issue of Automotive Industries Magazine at the link below.

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