Monday, December 1, 2008

Flightless Goose Shops at ACREAGE

Its official: The Macy’s Thanksgiving’s Day Parade has ended, the Festival of Trees is over, and the holiday shopping season has begun!

The Flightless Goose reading at the Festival of Trees (the largest family festival on the east coast with more than 500 theme-decorated trees) was a success. Eric & Nataliya Goodman presented the book to three different audiences during the allotted hour. Nicole, their daughter, even took the stage and read it to one of the audiences – her public reading debut!

Looking for some holiday gift ideas? Why not peruse the “ACREAGE Holiday Gift Ideas” guide? If you don’t have a printed copy, see the online PDF version at the link below. Pay special attention to the page 2-3 spread. Flightless Goose is the ACREAGE centerfold!

Start your holiday shopping now!

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