Monday, December 8, 2008

Towson Times Says Goose has Lessons to Teach

From the Baltimore Messenger to the Baltimore Sun, the Los Angeles Times to the Towson Times, Flightless Goose is getting good ink!

The story, “Gilbert has lessons to teach—Real-life incident inspired Rodgers Forge couple to produce book,” was written by the Towson Times editor, Loni Ingraham. It got a full-page with a nice-sized illustration of the cover, as well as the top front-page blurb.

“Gilbert, the 'Flightless Goose,' lives on, thanks to a Rodgers Forge couple who have immortalized him in a full-color, hardcover children's book,” wrote Ingrahm. “The story behind the story is overcoming challenges …”

Missed the printed issue? Take a look at the online version at the link below.

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